Leading Matters – Insights on Broadband and Healthcare

I spoke on Friday, Aug. 9, at the City Club of Cleveland as part of a five-part series – Broadband:  understanding the fiber of our region, presented by the City Club and OneCommunity. This nonprofit organization is focused on the expansion of high-speed broadband access and adoption to strengthen Northeast Ohio. I was honored to be part of this series, because I know how important the growth of broadband technology is to not only Northeastern Ohio, but for communities and health providers across the globe.

In discussing the many aspects of broadband technology in healthcare, I highlighted the HIMSS Innovation Center, which is located in Cleveland, and will open on Oct. 8, as part of the Global Center for Health Innovation. In this facility, all health stakeholders will be working together to evolve, test, and demonstrate the interoperability capabilities needed to achieve better health. In fact, we consider the Innovation Center as a year-round destination for a variety of audiences – from healthcare providers that want to better understand how sharing of patient health information functions to vendors that want to introduce a new product.

Healthcare is a global issue with local emphasis. My presentation gave me a glimpse of how local leaders in Cleveland are working together to make sure they have the needed broadband technology to support not only healthcare, but other information-sharing needs. I talked to senior executives that believe in the future of their community and recognize they must work together for future success and longevity.

An estimated one-third of the world’s population is now online, which means more people will join this virtual discussion as time goes on. The health sector must support the ensuing demand for secure data sharing of patient information – with providers in and around Northeast Ohio and beyond. Today’s conversation captured just one component of what’s going on now…and what’s ahead…in healthcare and broadband.

About H. Stephen Lieber, CAE

H. Stephen Lieber CAE, is HIMSS President/CEO.
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One Response to Leading Matters – Insights on Broadband and Healthcare

  1. As a follow-up to Steve Lieber’s presentation in Cleveland, join the conversation today on Civic Commons. The topic is:Broadband: Understanding the Fiber of our Region.

    Go to: http://theciviccommons.com/knowbroadband

    Conversation Focus: The focus of the Civic Commons conversation is Gigabit-Network-Enabled Health Care and explores the future use of technology and gigabit broadband to advance healthcare. Questions now under discussion:
    • How can healthcare institutions leverage information technology and gigabit broadband networks to create a better experience for their patients?
    • In 10 years, what technologies will be ubiquitous to the patient experience? What can be done in the next couple of years to make the 10 year vision a reality?
    • What challenges must be overcome to realize a transformative health IT-enabled future?

    Register to participate: Register for an account with the Civic Commons (http://theciviccommons.com). You can register either through Facebook or with an email address. When you get to the Civic Commons site, just click on “register for an account” in the top right.

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