HIMSS Value Suite Initiative in Review

As we near the end of the year I want to provide an update on the progress we’ve made so far on the HIMSS Value Suite initiative. We continue to collect evidence of  the health IT value, and have a large collection gathered so far. As of this writing, we have identified over 900 sources from which we find multiple statements of value, and the vast majority of those 900 sources represent unique organizations. The total number of value statements, as represented by these providers, will soon surpass 7,000 individual instances in which value has been shown.

In addition to collecting these examples, we’ve created a classification system which allows us to begin thinking about the value of health IT in more specific, focused terms using a common vocabulary, the HIMSS Health IT Value STEPS™. Currently, 13 percent of what we have found is classified under the satisfaction category, meaning the specific value identified is realized by clinicians, patients and families as a more satisfying interaction with the healthcare system. Satisfaction isn’t just about the technology, it’s also about building a trusted relationship between providers, patients and their families.

The largest part of what we’ve  collected is classified as part of the Treatment/Clinical STEP. These examples comprise 42 percent of existing data. As with the other STEPS, there are a few subtypes here: efficiency, quality and safety. Most of the value examples we’ve uncovered so far (43 percent), fall into the Efficiency subtype, with quality and safety at 29 and 26 percent respectively.

Electronic information and data examples add another 12 percent to our overall total, while prevention and patient education contributes seven percent. The final component of our growing library of evidence is savings, which comes in at 26 percent of our total, where a fairly even distribution of subtypes shows 37 percent fall into the efficiency category; 32 percent of our examples in this STEP are attributed to Financial and Business savings, while 31 percent are part of the Operational savings subtype.

In the coming year we plan to continue collecting more evidence of the value of health IT through the HIMSS Value Suite. In the meantime, have a look if you haven’t already done so. Go to http://www.himss.org/ValueSuite, then check out the interactive STEPS model. Just click on the link in the Value STEPS graphic. Let us know what you think. I invite your comments and suggestions!

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