A Successful Career in Health IT Takes the Right Stuff

by Frank Myeroff, PresidentFrank Myeroff
Direct Consulting Associates, Cleveland, Ohio,

The field of health IT is not only one of the hottest occupations today, but it shows no signs of slowing down.   In fact, high growth is expected in hand health IT in the next decade, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Due to the convergence of government regulations, mobility, and emerging technologies to improve patient health information as well as patient care, a robust health IT market has been created that’s  hungry for good talent and willing to offer attractive remuneration to get it.

However, it’s important to point out that healthcare organizations are looking to hire contract and perm placement health IT professionals who have the “right stuff” to be successful and promotable in this career.  Having the right stuff means looking beyond education, knowledge, and experience to pinpoint the qualities and soft skills required to be successful on the job.

These 6 traits are considered invaluable when acquiring talent since health IT professionals make a direct impact on patient safety and quality measures that improve the patient’s experience:

Excellent Communication Skills. Emphasis placed on health IT professionals who are not only articulate, but who are also active listeners and can communicate with any audience. Good communicators are able to build bridges with colleagues, customers, and vendors.

Integrity: Recently a health IT consultant shared with us that he feels health IT professionals need to bring one thing to the table with them, and that’s integrity. He told us, “Without it, you have nothing. But with it, you’ll gain the respect of those around you.”  Well said.

Strong Work Ethic. Organizations benefit greatly when their people are reliable, have initiative, work hard, and are diligent. Workers exhibiting a good work ethic are usually selected for more responsibility and promotions.

Problem-Solving Skills. Today’s healthcare organizations want health IT professionals who can adapt to new situations and demonstrate that they can creatively solve problems, when they arise. To be considered for a management or leadership role, problem-solving skills are a must.

Acting as a Team Player. Clearly, a worker who knows how to cooperate with others is an asset. They understand the importance of everyone being on the same page in order to achieve organizational goals.

Flexibility & Adaptability. Health IT technologies, businesses and climates change quickly. Job descriptions are becoming more fluid. Therefore, health IT professionals who are able to adapt to changing environments and take on new duties are becoming more valued. Those who rely on technical skills alone limit how much they can contribute.

The good news is that these traits and soft skills can be learned. In addition, as health IT opportunities continue to grow and evolve, good talent can grow with them.  This is an exciting time to be in the health IT profession.



Direct Consulting Associates (DCA) joins the HIMSS Innovation Center in Cleveland, Ohio, as a Supporting Collaborator. DCA is aCleveland, Ohio based healthcare IT consulting and staffing firm. For more information, please contact Frank Myeroff, President, at 440-996-0051 / fmyeroff@dc-associates.com and visit our website at www.dc-associates.com.


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