Closing Out #NHITweek with the #HITsm Community

SNL_Coffee-Talk_FINALHIMSS and Health Standards are closing out the ninth annual National Health IT Week in style – and what better way to move the needle on health IT than a focused discussion on what’s working and what isn’t in health technology? This Friday, September 19 at 11 a.m. CT, HIMSS will moderate the weekly #HITsm chat with a special focus on health IT policy, value and innovation as a contribution to the #NHITweek conversation on Twitter.

All are welcome and encouraged to share their perspectives on these four topics. You can join the conversation here.

T1: What #healthIT value proposition would you prioritize for Congress? How will their buy-in/participation drive long-term change? #HITsm


T2: How can federal agencies more significantly impact progressive #healthIT implementation and use for their stakeholders? #HITsm

[PRIMER RESOURCE: Ask #1: Minimize Disruption in our Nation’s Health System Emanating from Federally-Mandated Health IT Program Changes]

T3: How can #healthcare balance clinical needs for evidence-based mobile medicine & consumer demand for behavior change tech? #HITsm

[PRIMER RESOURCE: mHealth Roadmap]

T4: Reflecting on another great #NHITweek, what have you observed as missing from the collective #healthIT conversation? #HITsm

[PRIMER RESOURCE: National Health IT Week – Engage Policymakers, Understand your HIT Value Proposition, Progress the Conversation]

What topics will you be focusing on during National Health IT Week – and beyond? 

NHITweek Avatar_FINALSport your passion for health IT during National Health IT Week! Upload this #NHITweek avatar as the profile image to your favorite social networks to spark ground-breaking health IT conversations with policymakers, friends, family, colleagues – and even complete strangers.

About Michael A. Gaspar

Michael Gaspar is the Program Manager of Social Media, with HIMSS Media.
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