Creating Credible Educational Content that is Meaningful: Our Journey

The integrity of our HIMSS15 educational content is my professional quest: I pledge that the HIMSS Professional Development Team will do all that we can to inspire our Faculty to deliver educational content that is commercial-free, unbiased, and addresses your challenges and opportunities of transforming health IT.  You, as a HIMSS15 attendee, are our trusted education partner.  And we depend upon you.  We not only rely upon your comments and feedback but also depend upon them.  You’ve shared the good, the bad, and the ugly with us.  And we’ve learned from it, we’ve adjusted our programming, and we’ve eliminated what didn’t make sense.  So thank you wholeheartedly for your candidness!

To create passionate programming that results in passionate attendees, we realize that we must inspire others to create epic educational content that informs, empowers, and engages.  It is through this content that you will connect with one another.  And my Team takes this task very seriously.  With our educational content expected to deploy to on December 15th, you will have the opportunity to view our entire General Educational program.  It’s exciting for us because we believe that we have created a compelling program for you.  But you will be the judge.  We know that we haven’t made online evaluations easy for you, but, we are in the process of launching a new mobile app prior to conference that will greatly enhance your experience.  And, we will create a tutorial for you to celebrate all the great features delivered mobile.

We work tirelessly behind the scenes to prepare our Faculty, too.  After an exhaustive proposal evaluation process with approximately a 26% acceptance rate, we orient our Faculty with online education and training.  We cover topics that provide an educational overview of the general education program, session expectations, the importance of meeting our continuing education guidelines, slide formats, elements of successful presentations, and of course, principles of adult education.  New this year, we have held a separate orientation for our Roundtable Facilitators, too.  We assign mentors and session coaches; and, I personally review every slide deck as well.

In partnership with the HIMSS staff, the Annual Conference Education Committee, under the leadership of our Chair Joe Miller, works tirelessly throughout the year as well to ensure credible content.  It is through trusted volunteers like these that are just as passionate, if not more so, then the HIMSS staff to ensure our programming is of epic proportions.

Please feel free to contact me at or at 312-915-9515 with any educational programming challenges or opportunities that you may encounter, regardless of the venue.  I will do all that I can to ensure that you have an exceptional experience.


About JoAnn W. Klinedinst, CPHIMS, PMP, FHIMSS

JoAnn W. Klinedinst, CPHIMS, PMP, FHIMSS, is HIMSS Vice President, Professional Development.
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