Networking through the HIMSS Veterans Career Services Initiative

Networking is a key component in transitioning from a military to civilian career.  Networking involves developing a system of individuals who will share information to help you find jobs and advance your careers.  It is said that up to 80 percent of all jobs are found through networking.  Along with finding jobs and advancing your career, networking can also provide support and education.  Those within your professional network may have the experience to assist you in gaining additional knowledge about career programs, tools, resources and also can provide advice when problem solving.   Sometimes, it IS all about who you know.

HIMSS Veterans Career Services (VCS) initiative has several resources to help you build your professional network within healthcare IT.  These include becoming involved in your local HIMSS chapter, dialing into our monthly webinar series, asking for career advice through our vMentor program, and attending HIMSS events.

There are 54 HIMSS chapters across the United States including Puerto Rico, Canada, and India that serve a valuable role in bringing healthcare system professionals together in a local forum. They bring the benefits home with targeted education, issue updates, networking opportunities, and more. Find your local HIMSS chapter.

HIMSS VCS hosts a monthly webinar series focused on veterans and military transitioning support.  All sessions are complimentary and are accessed by registering through the VCS landing page.  All sessions are recorded and can be accessed HEREvMentor is a program where a member can engage with military veterans and Health IT professionals with years of career experience. These industry leaders are here to guide transitioning veterans by answering questions, providing advice and sharing valuable insights and experiences.

Finally, attending a HIMSS event is another great way to network.  Our next event, HIMSS15,  will take place 12-16 April, 2015 in Chicago, Ill.  Throughout the conference, VCS guests will have many opportunities to network.  This year, VCS will host a Career Boot Camp for our VCS attendees.  The one-day event will take place April 12, 2015 and will focus on making a successful transition from military service to a civilian career.   The Hero’s Welcome to Healthcare IT booth and lounge is the central location on the Exhibit Hall floor for VCS guests to connect with each other and with employers and service organizations. Here, you’ll find a place where you can relax, recharge, and engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded peers as well as learn more about the HIMSS’ Veterans Career Services (VCS) Initiative, which welcomes transitioning military veterans into the health IT field.  If you meet the criteria of a VCS guest and would like a complimentary registration to attend HIMSS15, please contact Amy Justice.

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