The Spirit of Giving is Alive Within Our HIMSS Chapters

On 11 November 2013, the HIMSS Veterans Career Services (VCS) initiative launched with a mission to assist our veteran, transitioning military service member, and military spouse population gain access to professional development and career support resources to prepare for jobs in healthcare IT.  One of the ways we strive to meet this goal is by providing complimentary registrations to attend our HIMSS annual conference to those who qualify as a VCS guest.*

While providing complimentary registration for attendance is wonderful, it can still be a financial hardship for an unemployed veteran or transitioning service member to attend an out-of-area conference.  This year, due to the generosity of several of our HIMSS Chapters, 14 VCS guests will receive full travel honorariums to attend HIMSS15.  The call for applications went out in November and we had 65 respondents.   The travel honorarium covers airfare, lodging and a meal stipend in addition to the complimentary registration to the HIMSS VCS Career Boot Camp and annual conference provided by the HIMSS VCS initiative.

Below is a list of the HIMSS chapters who are providing travel honorariums and the VCS guests they are sponsoring.  If you or your chapter is interested in sponsorship, please contact Amy Justice for details and the information on eligible candidates.

Chapter Selectee
Greater Chicago Chapter Elizabeth Peacy
Greater Chicago Chapter Won Song
West Virginia Chapter John Houseman
Indiana Chapter Alisha Jefferson
Colorado Chapter Deshawn James-Gilliam
Delaware Valley Chapter Rowena Faner
Houston Chapter Marylyn Harris
South Carolina Chapter Traven Cunningham
New York Chapter Deborrah Green
Oregon Chapter Mitchell Feller
Maryland Chapter Sunil Sudigala
Austin Chapter Duane Davis
Midwest Gateway Chapter Jerome Spearman
Northern Ohio Chapter TBD


VCS guest is defined as:

– Veteran interested in a career in HIT; not currently employed in a civilian HIT role

– Transitioning service members (currently active duty)

– Military spouses/survivors interested in a career in health IT; not currently employed in a civilian health IT role

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2 Responses to The Spirit of Giving is Alive Within Our HIMSS Chapters

  1. Won Song says:

    I am honored to be selected, and excited to attend the conference. I hope I learn lots to enfluence more people around me to improve better society.

  2. Jerome says:

    I must say that I am eagerly excited about attending this years conference. Looking forward to an awesome experience. Thanks again.
    CPT Jerome Spearman CNOR, RN BSN, MBA
    US Army Nurse Corp

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