Expanding User Experience Conversation in Healthcare

First Major Tom took his protein pills. Then he fell to earth and was the Man Who Sold the World. Then Ziggy played guitar. And while the Thin White Duke dealt with Fame, during his trips to Berlin he found we could be heroes, just for one day.  For his entire career, David Bowie, his music and his art have evolved, one persona born through the death of the previous one, hairstyles shifting to reflect the experience of the character of the moment, turning to face the strange.

Like Bowie’s looks (and locks), the study of human/machine interaction has progressed from the gritty old days of “aviation psychology” during WWI, through the growth human factors and ergonomics research around weapons systems during WWII, to the focus on usability as the internet age gained velocity, to now it’s current iteration as user experience during this age of eternally-evolving technologies. An ever-growing body of knowledge, user experience found itself a home amongst and in complement to many other design disciplines as illustrated in this infographic, originally created by Dan Saffer and updated by Thomas Gläser

User Experience Design

UX first came into the general consciousness in the healthcare industry through conversations around electronic health record usability with an eye towards patient safety. The recent growth in the mHealth space expanded the conversation by forcing designers and providers to consider a myriad of new locations and methods to provide care.  As care delivery models shift to meet emerging market demands, an increased focus on user experience is fast becoming a competitive advantage.

With the explosion of interest in user experience across the industry, HIMSS has beta launched an updated user experience resource library, which you can explore here.    The updated library offers an overview of the concepts of user experience, usability and user-centered design. You can explore the role user experience plays throughout all human/computer interaction in healthcare. You can learn more about the HIMSS Usability Maturity Model. You can learn how to get involved with user experience at HIMSS. Finally, you can reach out to share your own user experience whether it is a user experience success or a UX wake-up call.

As with any beta launch, we appreciate your feedback on how we can improve this updated HIT user experience resource library. If there is a study, video, news article, podcast, etc. that you think it is important we include, please let us know.   Help us expand the user experience conversation in healthcare.

About Adam Bazer

Adam Bazer is Sr. Manager, Health Information System for HIMSS. In this role, his main focus is on the HIMSS HIT Usability community and committee. Prior to this role, Adam worked as Manager, Digital Events for HIMSS Media. His areas of responsibility included the HIMSS Virtual Events and HIMSS Webinars. Adam has served HIMSS in other capacities as well, including as Manager, Annual Conference Education, responsible for the call for proposal process and speaker management of education sessions at the HIMSS Annual Conference. You can reach Adam directly at
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