What will you bring to the organization?

You have gotten through the holidays and you’re a month into 2015.  Your retirement or separation date is fast approaching; it will be here before you know it.  Have you reviewed and updated your “to-do” list?  What are your next steps?

Retirement/Separation To-Do List:

Decide where you will retire….check!

Decide what you want for your new career….check!

Transfer military career into a civilian resume….check!

After the above decisions have been made and you have a working civilian resume, it’s time to focus on the interview.  Interviewing can be a stressful component of the job search process.  One way to be more comfortable is to practice answering questions that might be asked.   To get ready for these questions, do some self-reflection on the following points:

  • Training and Education – Veterans are trained to work on the most current technology available. Military members will generally have more training and hands-on experience than their average civilian student counterpart.  What unique skills do you have?
  • Team Building – From the time you enter the military you’re a part of a unit. Each member of the unit has responsibility to do their part to support the unit.  How did you build and/or contribute to a team?
  • Work Ethics – Work ethic goes hand-in-hand with team work. Military members are instilled with core values such as integrity, service before self and excellence.  What do you value?
  • Dependable and Reliable – Military members go through extensive background checks and usually leave the service holding high security clearances. What special security training/skills do you possess?
  • Leadership – Military members are placed in decision making roles often earlier than their civilian counterparts. Taking on a leadership role in a civilian organization will have different challenges and demands but a veteran will easily adjust.  What is your leadership/management style?

Considering these points, practicing interview questions, checking and adjusting your “to do” list will make your transition just a little bit easier.  One typical question asked during the interview process is “what will you bring to our organization?”  What will your answer be?



About Angela Robinson, MSHI

Program Manager, EHR Systems Collaboration
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