What Direction is the Wind blowing?

On April 12 in Chicago, a.k.a “The Windy City,” the wind will be blowing in the direction of The McCormick Place Convention Center for our HIMSS15 annual conference.  Have you ever visited Chicago or attended a HIMSS conference?  If not, do you know what to expect?

On March 11, during our Veteran Career Services monthly webinar, Charles Boicey provided tips for maneuvering around Chicago on public transportation in addition to great information on what you can expect at HIMSS15.  As a Chicago resident, I agree with Mr. Boicey when it comes to our local travel.  He stated that Chicago public transportation is a fun and easy way to get around and see the city.  Chicago is also full of friendly people, like me, who are willing to point you in the right direction if you get a little lost.  Like most large cities, Chicago also offers many cab and Uber options.  If you would like to hear the presentation in its entirety, please visit: What to expect while attending a HIMSS conference

As a first time HIMSS conference attendee, another piece of great advice is to take some time to plan out your days.  Decide what interests you or your learning needs.   Once your needs are determined, you can then plan out your daily schedule based on the many pre-conference symposiums, annual conference education sessions or workshops.  You may also wish to take some time to participate in the many interactive learning opportunities offered for attendees.  Please be sure to leave some time to visit the exhibit floor.  HIMSS conferences has over 1, 200 exhibitors on the showroom floor.  Visit as many as you can based on your interests and most importantly, WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES!  Below are a few of my suggestions:

  • First-Time HIMSS Exhibitor (Booth# 7955) – This is over 350 first time exhibitors at HIMSS15.
  • Mobile Health Knowledge Center (Booth# 8368) – This is show casing what’s new with mHealth technology.
  • HIMSS Spot (Hall B) – Great interactive education session on health IT topics.
  • Cybersecurity Command Center (Booth# 8175) – Learn more about health IT security and test your cybersecurity IQ.

We have lots of exciting things happening at HIMSS15. Learn more about the activities planned by HIMSS Veteran Career Services (VCS).


What Direction will the Wind blow you….



About Angela Robinson, MSHI

Program Manager, EHR Systems Collaboration
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