HIMSS15: Be Prepared

You’ve all heard of the various organizational mottos that encourage members to “Be prepared”.  These are the best words that you can heed as you prepare to maximize your experience at the HIMSS15 Annual Conference & Exhibition.

Why? Because that’s what I do.  HIMSS15 will represent my 20th consecutive conference that I have attended, with my first being in San Antonio.  Whether I was a HIMSS volunteer, or, a HIMSS employee, I always prepare myself to ensure that I touch on the three critical elements of conference: Education, Exhibition, and Networking.  As a HIMSS employee responsible for conference education encompassing almost 500 speakers and 350 educational sessions, it is my Team’s responsibility, and all HIMSS employees too, to ensure that each attendee has an exceptional experience.  We have worked very hard to present you with a compelling agenda that will provide opportunities for you to solve challenges and critical issues that you are faced with every day.  And on a personal note, my co-workers, Karen Malone, Vice President of Meeting Services and Erica Pantuso, Vice President of Operations, and myself, as Vice President of Education, have worked extremely hard to view the conference from your perspective: it’s not what we want you to experience but rather it’s all about your experiences.  And we worked hard to not disappoint you.

So, prepare prior to coming to conference.  While you will receive a copy of both the HIMSS15 Pocket Guide (designed as a conference resource that can be recycled after conference) and the HIMSS15 Resource Guide (a more comprehensive offering designed for you to keep as a year-long reference), you will want to download the Pocket Guide now as an offline resource.  And, be sure to use the conference website as a resource and our recently launched HIMSS15 Mobile app.  These are the same resources that I use too.

For a complete list of hotels, click here.  (If your hotel is not located on an official HIMSS route, to go to a nearby hotel that is on the route.  You will need your name badge to board HIMSS15-sponsored transportation.)

For a complete list of all things transportation, click here.  Also please note that there is a complimentary Shuttle back to O’Hare and Midway but you must individually register since space is limited.

And finally, for those 40 percent of you who are new to a HIMSS Annual Conference each year, be sure to stop by one of our two New Attendee Conference Orientations scheduled for Sunday or Monday.  It will be well worth your time.  And, also, be sure to stop by “About HIMSS”, a new conference feature that will help you understand the history of HIMSS.  This will be held on Sunday at 4:00 PM CT in Room S106.

Please stop by the Speaker Ready Room (N231) and look me up!  I’m more than happy to give you a warm Chicago welcome (Philadelphia style)!


About JoAnn W. Klinedinst, CPHIMS, PMP, FHIMSS

JoAnn W. Klinedinst, CPHIMS, PMP, FHIMSS, is HIMSS Vice President, Professional Development.
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  1. Thompson Boyd says:

    *Always a hardy welcome “Philadelphia Style”*

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