23 Impressions from #HIMSS15

A #HIMSS15 Found Twitter Poem

It is always difficult to describe the totality of the HIMSS Annual Conference. There are so many people, exhibits, education, and events dedicated to health IT in one single location that single words or paragraphs cannot fully describe the experience. That concentration of physical and psychic energy takes a form of its own, as does anything when you put 43,129 minds and bodies singularly focused on a single topic. One begins to subconsciously catch impressions and vibes, the zeitgeist of the event in the air as one walks (endlessly) through the cavernous convention center.

The Academy of American Poets describes a found poem as one that “take(s) existing texts and refashion them, reorder them, and present them as poems. The literary equivalent of a collage, found poetry is often made from newspaper articles, street signs, graffiti, speeches, letters, or even other poems.”  Well, the one below comes from some of the 140,219 tweets focused on HIMSS15.   Thanks to @sgschade, @HITConfGuy, @LAlupusLady, @MarkHagland, @EMRAnswers, @DawnVanDam, @esseeconsulting, @ePatientDave , @Bootshin, @HITNewsTweet, @janicemccallum, @Intermountain , @Cascadia , @HIMSS, @ReginaHolliday, @MandiBPro , @ClinicSpectrum, @alongcamekids , @WTBunting, @davidkissinger for your impressions of the event.


23 Impressions from #HIMSS15

Great stuff on being genuine

Guess correctly and win widespread admiration

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live

A new chapter is about to be written

True interoperability, not just exchange

Transformation or revolution?

And so industrial design, software design, and how people interact must

be given consideration

Innovation doesn’t end w experience, y’all

#bigdata comes from #littledata

Logical solutions become inevitable

Eventually the data will start to make music

At the end of the day, #healthcare is personal

Real pivot is when we stop saying “we are all patients” and recognize that “patients are part of the primary care team”

We’re in this together

If I had a booth at HIMSS I would make it the form of a maze

Embrace the #HIMSSanity my last #HIMSS15 night

One secret you should tell

The best part about coming home

Awesome people draw awesome criticisms

Be worth following. Be human. People want to follow humans

Call out childhood poverty

That has to mean something right?

About Adam Bazer

Adam Bazer is Sr. Manager, Health Information System for HIMSS. In this role, his main focus is on the HIMSS HIT Usability community and committee. Prior to this role, Adam worked as Manager, Digital Events for HIMSS Media. His areas of responsibility included the HIMSS Virtual Events and HIMSS Webinars. Adam has served HIMSS in other capacities as well, including as Manager, Annual Conference Education, responsible for the call for proposal process and speaker management of education sessions at the HIMSS Annual Conference. You can reach Adam directly at abazer@himss.org
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