October 1st is coming….will you be ready?

The Go-Live date for ICD-10 is fast approaching.  Although there continue to be isolated attempts to delay, amend or completely eliminate the transition all indications are that effective Oct. 1,  the U.S. will move from the use of ICD-9 codes to ICD-10.  While the majority of the health care industry has been preparing for the transition for years and expects to be ready for the change, there are some who have delayed implementation efforts on the off-chance that the effective date would continue to move or never happen at all.

If you are among those just beginning the process we encourage you to visit the HIMSS ICD-10 Playbook, where you’ll find a variety of resources to help you prepare for success, including a financial risk calculator, a 10-15 minute self-assessment tool designed to help providers establish their ICD-10 financial risk profile, determine the steps that they can take to mitigate that risk, and identify ways to augment their accounts receivables; guidance for creating your implementation plan; and recommendations for successfully operationalizing ICD-10 post-implementation.  Need help educating your organization or community about the steps they should be focused on in the remaining weeks?  Take advantage of HIMSS Speakers’ Bureau, a group of highly qualified subject matter experts prepared to deliver in-person ICD-10 presentations.  ICD-10 is coming; take advantage of the resources available on the HIMSS ICD-10 PlayBook or visit CMS’s Roadto10 website to find everything you’ll need to make the transition with as little disruption to your business as possible.

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