Delivering a Reliable and High-Quality Experience with Health IT

Eileen Haggertyby: Eileen Haggerty, sr. director, enterprise business operations, NetScout

 Healthcare organizations depend on technology 24/7. When it comes to health services and treatment, every second of delay is critical and can be the difference between life and death.

Do you participate in patient care services? If so, then you understand accessibility to such things as patient histories, diagnostic test results, and images across the healthcare delivery chain is essential, which requires always-on availability for critical patient and family services. 

Healthcare organizations have become highly dependent on their IT infrastructure and application service delivery environment. The challenges health IT professionals face daily to maintain a highly available, high-performance service delivery environment, while also supporting the highest levels of patient care, are daunting.

From my perspective, here are several challenges health IT professionals face:

  • Need to quickly and securely share patient information across a variety of hospitals, campuses, clinics, payer/insurance organizations 24/7
  • Improve the adoption and implementation of new services and upgrade existing services to meet the needs of staff, patients and regulatory demands
  • Accommodate the introduction of new devices that improve delivery of services, diagnostics, and treatment to improve patient care and experience
  • Reduce the time and people necessary to triage, troubleshoot and resolve intermittent service degradations and outages
  • Optimize both the capital and operating expenses involved in managing and monitoring the performance of healthcare services enterprise-wide

I’m proud and excited to work with the HIMSS Innovation Center to enable health IT teams to get the most out of existing infrastructure and application investments while delivering a reliable, high-quality user experience.

As a patient, have you ever felt like your doctor didn’t have your most recent patient records?

If you are a hospital, what are some ways you think operations could be simplified with a process and consolidated tools to improve efficiencies?

We’d love to hear your current health IT experiences.

NetScout joins the HIMSS Innovation Center in Cleveland, Ohio, as an Industry Collaborator. The company provides the nGeniusONE® Service Assurance solution to help IT organizations proactively meet strict mandates for networks, systems and applications at hospitals, clinics, research institutions, insurance providers, federal agencies and private practices.  Contact Eileen Haggerty, Senior Director, Enterprise Business Operations, NetScout at 1.978.614.6074 / and visit our website at

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  1. jpaganini2014 says:

    Welcome NetScout to the HIMSS Innovation Center!

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