Celebrating Independence!

Growing up I couldn’t wait for summer.  Summer meant school was out and I could have nothing but fun all day!  I didn’t have to go to bed early, do homework or stick to any kind of schedule, and I was free to enjoy warm weather for the next few months.  I was excited about all the fun things summer brought:  long days at the pool, bike riding, family gatherings, barbecues, parades and most importantly, fireworks on the 4th of July!

In my neighborhood, every house dawned red, white and blue decorations as the 4th of July drew near.  Families displayed American flags on their front porches and you would occasionally hear the pop of a random fire cracker. I remember the adult’s referring to the 4th of July as “Independence Day.”  I wondered what Independence Day meant.  Why do we celebrate Independence Day and why is it so important?  My grandmother, (the school teacher) took this opportunity to educate me on Independence Day by giving me a homework assignment.  I had to research the reason for Independence Day and why it is still celebrated.  I remember thinking, “homework during summer vacation should be against the law!”

Today, young men and women still voluntarily trade their individual independence to become part of unified team of special skills and talents….our United States Military.  As a member of the military, (Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines) you are trained to defend the code, honor and freedom of our country.  After 240 years, our men and women are still putting their lives on the line for our freedom and we thank you for your service.

As a military member, you served and defended America to the fullest.  Now it’s time for you to retire, transition back into civilian life, and pursue other opportunities.  Do you know what you want to do?  Have you considered Healthcare Information Technology as a career option?  HIMSS Veteran Career Services offers professional development and career support information, tools and resources to assist you with your military to civilian transition.  Learn more about our offerings.


How will you celebrate your independence?



About Angela Robinson, MSHI

Program Manager, EHR Systems Collaboration
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