Increase Health IT Knowledge with the TIGER Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Introduction by Toria Shaw, MSW, Manager of Clinical Informatics, HIMSS

by: Emily “Emmy” Lacey, RN, graduate student in healthIT at the University of Denver and is also an active duty nurse in the United States Army.

Emily “Emmy” Lacey reached out to TIGER inquiring about the TIGER Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)  and seeking resources to assist with her Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems class.  We asked Emmy to share her impressions, from a student perspective, as well as feedback or tips for improving this education portal for academic professionals, students, adult learners and clinical educators.

TIGERWe thank Emmy for her fantastic blog entry and insightful feedback about the TIGER VLE!




The TIGER Initiative is helping to bring healthcare information technology to more clinicians so that we can give the best care possible to our patients. The TIGER VLE is one of the tools that can be utilized to increase knowledge about healthcare IT for students and professionals. I had the pleasure of exploring the VLE and all of its possibilities, and I am really impressed with the extent of the opportunities available.

I am an RN and currently a graduate student. My area of study is healthcare leadership with an emphasis in healthcare information technology. The VLE covers many topics that I am learning about in grad school and would be a fantastic tool for undergraduate nursing professors and students. The technology that is being used in healthcare facilities has changed drastically in the last ten years, and the VLE is a convenient and innovative tool for those who are unfamiliar to gain this important knowledge.

I love that the VLE is easy to navigate and progresses from beginner to the more advanced learner. I will definitely be using the resources provided in the future as I prepare to begin my healthcare IT management career. The courses will be beneficial to review before I take the certification exam, and the community message boards will hopefully come in handy if and when I have questions about the health IT industry. Thanks for all you do, TIGER!


About Christel Anderson

Christel Anderson, is HIMSS Director, Clinical Informatics
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