An Interoperability Use Case Repository and Narrative

by: Joe Wagner, vice president transformation services, TELUS Health and Seth Blumenthal, program manager national quality registry network (NQRN®),  American Medical Association

The HIMSS Interoperability Maturity Model Task Force is pleased to announce a new web-based use case repository which also includes a narrative entitled,  An Interoperability Use Case Narrative.

One might ask, how is this resource different from the many other papers and products released every day around interoperability? Well, we wanted to share a narrative and use case repository, easily accessible from the HIMSS I&S Toolkit, which provides a quick and informal way to learn about the basics of interoperability. The use cases can help you understand basic clinical interoperability scenarios from a real world workflow perspective. The format allows you to determine what pieces are relevant to you specifically, such as a particular use case that you may be implementing in your organization.  You can also download reference documents for specific use cases of interest.

So just what is this resource exactly?  In the use case repository and narrative, we describe interoperability scenarios, or use cases, to provide education on what connectivity within or between organizations might look like. Given the many scenarios possible, we chose a small subset (aligning with the ONC Priority Interoperability Use Cases) that provides the basis for establishing connectivity between departments in a hospital or between organizations referring patients to each other. Keep in mind that the use case structure is meant to be used as a template that can be replicated to create additional unique use cases for other scenarios. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list and can be updated as needed.

So if this is something you are currently working on or have an interest in getting a better understanding of how interoperability can work for you, check out our use case repository and narrative.  Let us know what other scenarios you are currently working on within your organization.




About Mari Greenberger, MPPA

Director of Informatics at HIMSS North America
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