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Michael Gaspar is the Program Manager of Social Media, with HIMSS Media.

10 Ways to Make ICD-10 Relatable to ANYONE during #NHITweek

Another National Health IT Week is nearly in the books! While the week’s festivities certainly brought about much needed conversation around the awareness, direction and vision for the future of health technology, the conversation doesn’t need to end on Sept. 19. Realizing … Continue reading

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Closing Out #NHITweek with the #HITsm Community

HIMSS and Health Standards are closing out the ninth annual National Health IT Week in style – and what better way to move the needle on health IT than a focused discussion on what’s working and what isn’t in health … Continue reading

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#NursesWeek: 9 Pieces of Advice from Industry-Leading Nursing Informaticists

Since 2011, informatics titles in clinical settings have more than doubled; and 30% of healthcare organizations have nursing informatics executives on staff to manage IT system implementations, according to the HIMSS 2014 Nursing Informatics Workforce Survey. Within health IT implementations, … Continue reading

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[INFOGRAPHIC] The state of mobile technologies in healthcare today

This past February marked the third year HIMSS Analytics has connected and published its Annual Mobile Survey, aligning itself with six key focus areas: New Care Models technology ROI/Payment Legal & Policy Standards & Interoperability Privacy & Security

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10 HIMSS Social Media Moments You Probably Liked, Shared or Retweeted in 2013

As 2013 comes to a close and 2014 offers the excitement of new opportunities, we wanted to share our best social media moments made great by all of you. Be sure and share your favorite 2013 social media moments from … Continue reading

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#HITsm Chat: Crowdsourcing Health IT Value during #NHITweek

As a social media professional, I can say three words find their way into my lexicon on a daily basis: collaboration, engagement and crowdsourcing.  While many might dismiss these merely as marketing buzzwords, I would go as far to say … Continue reading

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Value of social media in healthcare is already outlined – just not realized

For whatever reason – whether it’s budget, time, buy-in or understanding – healthcare hasn’t fully embraced social media. But luckily the ePatient movement has already—perhaps unknowingly—done the grunt work and outlined the tenets of realizing social media’s value in healthcare. … Continue reading

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4 emerging trends in health IT education

Are health IT students in need of ‘atypical’ education? On July 25, we had the opportunity to explore the industry’s view on health IT education with our very first #HITedu chat. First off, a great deal of gratitude to Dr. … Continue reading

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Introducing the #HITedu Chat: 4 Questions for Current and Future Health IT Leaders

I am not typically a fan of clichés. However, I am going to ask you to indulge me with one that has been on my mind lately. “You reap what you sow.” While this cultural idiom can have a million … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Hashtags Matter in Healthcare

In the healthcare space, we are constantly being inundated with new technologies.  Some we care to learn, while others we care to forget. Social technologies are no exception.  Remember Google Buzz? Me neither. But if I asked you if you … Continue reading

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