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Optimizing for the Acceptable: Managing Design in a Complex Socio-Technical System

For Father’s Day, my parents, my wife and kids all went to my in-laws house for brunch. Ah, the glories of brunch let me siiiinnnnggg your praises (AAAHHHH AAAAAHHH AAAAHHHH!!!), you a nuanced blend of breakfast and lunch, sweets and … Continue reading

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Workarounds & Wake-up Calls: What They Tell Us about Your Organization’s UX

In all parts of our lives there are processes don’t always fit every situation and tools that don’t always work as they should. So we invent workarounds. We all do this every day. I had one all figured out last … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of a Clinical Informaticist

by Darcy Bowling RN, CI-Surgery Clinical Informaticist and  Maria Fera RN, BSN CI- Nursing Clinical Informaticist  With the implementation of our EHR in June of 2013, Clinical Informatics has definitely been an up and coming department consisting of a diverse team … Continue reading

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Effective IT Governance Needed for Successful Clinical Informatics Implementations

By Roger Kropf, PhD, and Guy Scalzi, MBA Not having an IT governance process, or having one that never seriously involves clinicians and other stakeholders, is a big mistake. Without a governance structure, IT at many hospitals and healthcare systems … Continue reading

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