HIE inPractice Blog Series: Challenges of Engaging the Consumer in HIEs

by: Heather Marney, Director, Epic Ambulator; Michael Nelson, DPM, VP of Strategy and Business Development; and Deepika Patel, MBA, CPHIMS, Analyst/Consultant

Patient as a Consumer: A prevailing philosophy is that active patient engagement is necessary to achieve optimal outcomes – promoting ongoing wellness on a daily basis could help patients become engaged participants when important healthcare information is easily available to them. Many healthcare organizations have implemented patient portals to realize this goal. However, patients may receive healthcare from multiple providers, each with its own patient portal requiring its own user name and password. The inconvenience of maintaining and remembering multiple patient portal URLs, user names, passwords and resets for lost passwords, creates an environment that is too cumbersome for any patient to be motivated to use a patient portal on an ongoing basis.

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Medical Device Integration: Adoption, Application & Challenges: An Interview with John Zaleski, PhD, CPHIMS

Editor’s Note: This is the second of a two-part interview. The first installment can be found here.

“We are a long way from universal interoperability of medical devices, where a device operates as easily and freely as plugging in a new USB-enabled device. Medical device drivers are still required, and these are highly individualized and proprietary,” says author and inventor John Zaleski, PhD, CPHIMS.

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Medical Device Integration: Growth, Trends & Challenges: An Interview with John Zaleski, PhD, CPHIMS

Editor’s Note: This is the first of a two-part interview.

“Medical device data collection has increasingly become a part of the fabric of health IT system deployment,” writes John Zaleski, PhD, CPHIMS, in his new book Connected Medical Devices: Integrating Patient Care Data in Healthcare Systems (HIMSS Books, 2015).

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Today’s Habits Hinder Tomorrow’s Innovation

by Bonny Roberts, Vice President, Customer Experience, Aventura

I frequently hear colleagues, partners and customers talk about how slow healthcare is to change.  It is true, healthcare is a big ship; yet I don’t blame the individuals and organizations for the industry’s microscopic course alterations. In the field of healthcare, and particularly when it comes to workflow, there is a strict doctrine of behavior that has been passed down for decades.  While the focus of healthcare and the financial implications of actions and results have been adjusted across the years, few have gone so far as to address the actions themselves.  Innovation requires someone to identify a problem and step back enough to either imagine a different result from the actions taken or to design different actions altogether.  However this is far from easy if you come from a place of habit and don’t even recognize that those actions exist, much less can be altered.

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Time to Beef Up Education on Benefits of Health IT Adoption and Implementation

I had the chance to review Charles Krauthammer’s recent Opinion piece in the Washington Post on the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs.  I was taken aback by his implication that the meaningful use program was the healthcare equivalent to the failed federal energy loan to Solyndra Solar that received such notoriety a couple years ago.

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Delivering a Reliable and High-Quality Experience with Health IT

Eileen Haggertyby: Eileen Haggerty, sr. director, enterprise business operations, NetScout

 Healthcare organizations depend on technology 24/7. When it comes to health services and treatment, every second of delay is critical and can be the difference between life and death.

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The Mainstreaming of Medical Device Integration

Medical device integration (MDI) is a solutions-based process by which data from myriad medical devices are captured and integrated into an end-point system, such as an electronic health record. Proponents of MDI say that such solutions reduce data errors; save countless hours in manual data collection; and increase the efficiency of providers through more frequent and current updates.

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Culture shock!

“Our own culture is to us like the air we breathe, while another culture is like water – and it takes special skills to be able to survive in both elements.” ~ Geert Hofstede

Linda Gibson was our speaker for our May Veteran Career Services (VCS) webinar and she opened the call with the above quote by Geert Hostede.  Because Linda holds a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Communication with a concentration in Inter-cultural Communications, I knew she could provide valuable information for our VCS community.  Our topic this month was titled: Adjusting to the Culture Shock of a Military to Corporate Transition.  Click the link to listen to the webinar in its entirety.

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Institute for eHealth Policy Recap: Toward Interoperable Healthcare Records

by: Samantha Burch, Senior Director, Congressional Affairs, HIMSS

Five years after the start of the HITECH Meaningful Use program, the national dialogue about the future of healthcare automation is shifting from a focus on technology adoption to the exchange and use of health information across providers and care settings to improve patient care and outcomes.

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HIE inPractice Blog Series: Using Health Information Exchanges to Identify Vulnerable Populations (Part 1)

by: Timothy Butts, BS, MSIS, PMP, Certified Healthcare CIO,  Sharon Davis, CPHIMS, PMP, Sr. Project Manager, and Charles Stewart, MBA, SSBB, CHTS-IM, CHTS-PW, CHTS-TR, CHTS-TS, HIE Executive Director  


Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) is at a unique place in history. For the first time we have the capability to identify vulnerable populations who are at risk for chronic or life-threatening diseases and help mitigate the risk of disease by communication and early intervention. Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) can provide a vital role by gathering pertinent demographic and clinical data regarding these populations and can help curate outreach efforts.

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